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March 12, 2010

Transparent Abbott

It is so obvious with Abbott that his new promise to women about Maternity Leave, made without the knowledge of his own party, is just a ploy to win women’s votes. Don’t be fooled. There is much more to lose, especially since he intends to tax big business to pay for the scheme.

I myself don’t think “ah, poor big business..”, after all, usually their yearly profits are humongous. But the fact is that they will filter down this extra tax they have to pay to the consumers.

So when Abbott says that there is not going to be a great big tax to cover women’s Maternity Leave, he is lying. He is always lying just to grab votes. It wasn’t that long ago, when he was the Health Minister in the Howard’s government, that he said about the same issue that ‘over my dead body’ he would pass such a legislation.Transparent Abbott. His insincerity is incredibly damming to him. Who knows what he would do in the future?

Rudd’s plan for Maternity Leave is 18 weeks, six weeks less than Abbott’s proposal, but it is fully costed and big business won’t pass down the cost to consumers. Yes it’s time women had Maternity Leave across the board, but not as such high cost to the community.

It is most disturbing to find this man throwing initiatives left, right and centre, without forethought. The fact that he didn’t consult his party is most telling: he is a ‘One Man Band’; he doesn’t follow any democratic process. It’s very reminiscent of the Howard’s years, when nothing much was put into infrastructures, the health system, education and certainly there was no raise for pensioners.

It’s important that we tend to our infrastructures, ailing health system and education, so that our children can remain competitive in the world.

Abbott the Obvious.

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March 2, 2010

The three Stooges: Ton, Hock and Barny

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